RUE «Belnipienergoprom»

RUE «Belnipienergoprom»

a leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus for the design of energy sources and heating networks, successfully working with all energy associations and enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in many regions of the Russian Federation.

Technical equipment

For the implementation of the design process, the enterprise has: a staff of over 650 highly qualified specialists, including 11 PhDs, 469 employees have higher education; more than 640
computers, 610 of them are connected to a local computer network, the latest software.

Licensed design and calculation software in RUE «Belnipienergoprom» 2016

— program of automated designing «AutoCAD» 2009;

— program of automated designing «AutoCAD» 2017LT;

— System of three-dimensional modeling «KOMPAS-3D»;

— The program for development of project documentation in accordance with the standards of System of construction designing documentation among AutoCAD «SPDS GraphiCS» 4.0;
— A unified program for calculating air pollution «Ecolog»( «Standard»);
— The program for Evaluation of noise spread from external influences based on software «Ekolog-Shum» ( «Standard»);
— The program for calculation and design of pipelines thermal insulation of «Izolyatsiya»;

— The program  for selection of diameters and hydraulic calculation of pipeline systems » Hydrosistema»;

— Program of strength calculation of pipelines «START» + «START- Grunt»;
— Module of Compatibility «START- otkritiy format «;
— Program of  thermal and hydraulic calculation of branched pipeline » POTOK 1Ф «;
— Software complex for calculating sanitaryware systems «ARS -PS»;
— A program of calculating flow meters  to measure the flow of gases and liquids » Rashodomer ISO «;

— Software complex for automation of design and calculation of heating and water supply systems «Sankom Auditor»;
— The program for the design of foundations for columns of frame buildings «FOC Complex-2014»;
— Software complex for calculation of the strength and design of structural constructions «Scad Office 11.5»;

— The software complex for calculation in the design of electrical power systems «EnergyCS»;
— Program of  lighting engineering calculations in the design of lighting installations «ElectriCS Light»;
— Software complex «CREDO III» for processing engineering research: «Transform», » Converter»,» GenPlan»,«CREDO- Dorogi»;


— Program for the design of metal structures «Real STEEL»;
— Program for professional CCTV system design «VideoCAD»;

— Information system for management of technical documentation (electronic archive) «TDMS»;

— Information-reference system for normative documents of the Russian Federation «NormaCS». Sections: «Power Engineering and Heat Engineering», «Electric Power Industry», «Construction. Version Max «;

— Cunstruction Engineering Handbook «SpIn» 2.2;

— Information retrieval system for technical regulatory legal acts in construction, operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus «Stroydokument»;
— Estimated program with territorial estimate and normative base 2001 Kursk region » A0 «;
— Software for calculation of estimates » Grand smeta «;
— Software complex of  integrated system of resource estimates and calculations « RSTC.Smeta»;

— The program complex «ARM — Technological preparation of production. Resource-estimate standards»;

— System for estimste and resource calculations in construction «ABC-4PC»;
— Software package for estimates calculation «GosStroySmeta»;
— A program to convert paper into electronic archive and editing «RasterID»;
— Program editor for working with raster and vector graphics «Spotlight»;
— The program complex «FactorySuite» for the design of real-time information systems, development framework «Wonderware Development Studio»;
— Information and calculating system GCI «CityCom- teplograf » consisting of subsystems:» Teplopoteri «(heat loss), «Stoimost’ teplosnabzheniya»(heat supply costs);

— Software and settlement complex for heat supply systems «Zulu»;

— Software complex three-dimensional designing «AVEVA Everything 3D»;

— CAD software for electrical installations secondary switching circuits «CAD CEC»;

— Integrated system for solving mathematical, engineering, and scientific problems «MathCAD 14»;
— Program for modeling and analysis of transient processes in multiphase power transmission systems, «EMTP-RW»;
— Program of complex calculations of the stress-strain state and stability of geotechnical objects for various purposes using finite element method in the conditions of the flat problem «PLAXIS 2D»;
— The program of knowledge testing » EKZAMEN»;
— Teaching and testing system «OLYMP OKS»;

The computers of the enterprise are protected by the Kaspersky Lab anti-virus program.
Monitoring and accounting of the status of computers and software is carried out using the special program «10 Strike Pro».