RUE «Belnipienergoprom»

RUE «Belnipienergoprom»

a leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus for the design of energy sources and heating networks, successfully working with all energy associations and enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in many regions of the Russian Federation.


The subject of activity of the enterprise:

  • development of feasibility studies and business-plans;
  • development of energy supply systems of districts, towns, cities, industrial hubs;
  • technological and civil designing of a complex of buildings and constructions of new and renovated thermal power plants, boiler houses, heat mains on territories with category I, II and III geological engineering complexity conditions and seismicity up to 7 points, as well as exceeding 7 points;
  • design engineering of industrial, civil and repair bases of energy and industry units;
  • evaluation of energy sources and industrial enterprises impact on the environment and preparation of ecological passports;
  • development, installation and adjustment of energy sources APCS;
  • adoption of high performance steam-and-gas technologies both in new building and while renovating and retrofitting the existing energy sources;
  • design engineering of hydroelectric power plants;
  • development and usage of designs for energy sources fired by indigenous types of fuel, using the energy of steam and gas choking flows, wind-driven power plants;
  • design engineering of electric switchgears of power plants and substations;
  • retrofitting and adjustment of electric generator excitation system;
  • adoption of voltage regulation systems on busbars 110 — 330 kV and electric power plants auxiliary with the help of on-load tap changing transformers.


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