RUE «Belnipienergoprom»

RUE «Belnipienergoprom»

a leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus for the design of energy sources and heating networks, successfully working with all energy associations and enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in many regions of the Russian Federation.

About us

About the enterprise

Minsk Branch of the All-Union project Institute Promenergoproyekt was founded in 1952 on the basis of project office of trust » Belenergoproektstroy .» The office was entrusted to develop heat and power plants projects for Belarusian , Lithuanian SSR and the number of regions of the Russian Federation (Smolensk , Kalinin , Bryansk , Kuibyshev , Saratov and etc.). In the initial period the office carried out design of  low-power medium-pressure CHPPs with turbines of 1.5-12 MW capacity . In 1974, Minsk Branch of Promenergoproyekt Institute was transformed into Belarusian branch of «VNIPIenergoprom». Starting with 38 employees in 1952, in the 1980s, the Belarusian branch on the number of staff and creative potential became the leading in the VNIPIenergoprom system. The number of the branch exceeded 1000 people, 160 of them worked in scientific divisions. Suffice it to say that the research and design development of the Institute was ensured by:

  • the development of unique heating systems in a number of cities in Russia and Belarus, including Minsk, whose team of creators was awarded the USSR Council of Ministers Prize in 1983; the beginning of the application of heat supply systems with nuclear power sources, including the justification and start of the construction of the Minsk Nuclear CHPP;
  • Obtaining technical and circuit solutions for attracting CHPPs to regulate nighttime failures in the schedule of power systems electrical loads, which was first implemented at large steam-turbine units of Minsk CHPP-4 and Gomel CHPP-2;
  • creation of high-efficiency self-compensating pipelines and their implementation in the main heat networks (Minsk, Vitebsk, St. Petersburg, Kiev) together with the EO Paton Electric Welding Institute (Ukraine);
  • revival and development of small district heating; establishment of new standards for harmful gaseous emissions associated with energy, etc.

According to projects of the Institute put into operation:

  • 214 turbogenerators with a total capacity of 8,157.5 MW;
  • 249 boilers with a total steam capacity of 36 040 t / h;
  • 118 hot-water boilers with a total capacity of 19 709 Gcal / h;
  • 5 turboexpanded units with a total capacity of 16.5 MW;
  • 3 km of main heating networks;
  • 5 hydropower generators of the Grodno HPP with a total capacity of 17 MW.

According to the Institute’s projects, most of the main thermal networks connecting heat sources with heat supply zones of cities in the Republic of Belarus have been built and are being built.


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